DIY Solar Candlesticks

Want to add a little ambiance to your porch, patio or deck?  Try making these easy DIY solar candlesticks!

solar candles finished

I got these little solar lights this Spring at Fred’s Department Store for $1.50.   My driveway is very long and steep so it would have taken quite a few of these to line the drive.  So I decided to use them where I needed them most – on the porch.


solar lights


I knew I wanted to use them on the porch, but wasn’t sure how.  They didn’t look right just shoved into flower pots.  So, they went into the closet with other “projects to do someday”. Well, I finally got around to cleaning out the closet  and found small crystal candlestick holders and inspiration struck!

These lights come apart very easily.  Just take the stick part of the solar light off – they screw right out.

take apart lights

Then, add some double sided tape to make the bottom of the light fit the opening in the candle holder.  Voila! a cute, elegant, outdoor solar candle, for only $1.50.  These would also work in a chandelier or lamp for outside like these:

solar candles finished

 There are a ton of other really awesome ways to use these on Pinterest.  Check it out!

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