Anthropolgie Knock-off

I love the terrarium craze.  It reminds me of making terrariums out of 2 liter bottles when I was a kid.  I saw these Anthropologie versions online for $58 and just tucked it away in my brain.  They look very modern – almost like a space helmet; but there was no room in my budget for $58.  Soon enough, I found a way to do a kn0ck-off version at a fraction of the cost.



Weeks later, I was browsing through a local thrift store, and I came across a strange wooden base with slots in the sides.  I have no idea what it was for, but I knew it would work as the base for my terrarium.  And, it was only $1.00. Woo Hoo!

I filled in the slots with wood filler and gave the base a good sanding.

Terrarium Base

I had already filled in the slots with wood filler before I remembered to take a picture.

At the same thrift store, I found this large plastic dome that I knew would work for the globe.  I snagged it for $.50!

Terrarium Bowl

I spray painted the base with a bronze paint and bought some faux succulents for less than $3.  Real plants would work too, but I know my limitations. I can’t even keep succulents alive.  This way, my terrarium always look healthy!  I already had some small pebbles and after I put it all together…

                             Finished Terrarium               Completed Terrarium

I think it turned out pretty good for $4.50.  Sometimes it pays to be patient and somewhat of a hoarder.  I just love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?





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  • Mrs Shoes

    This is awesome – I could even DO this! I would use real plants though, I find air plants to be one of the hardiest living things. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I came to visit from Nifty Thrifty; I hope you’ll find the time to visit the 4Shoes & let me know you’ve been. Another site I wish you’d visit & maybe mention (you have a wide readership I’m sure!) is about a missing child & her Mum who is desparately trying to keep the story alive so that she may one day see her daughter again. Any parent would understand her anguish, please help.

    • moesoto

      Just went to your blog and saw your rant – Amen! It’s never a good experience to call customer service and it just makes it worse when you can’t communicate! Thanks for stopping by Create and Save. I’m a brand new blogger with a lot to learn and it’s awesome to know someone liked what they saw.

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