Hello, I’m Melissa!


Hello friends! I know you are just like me. You want a beautiful home and a less stressful life. Maybe you are looking toward retirement or for a way to get out of debt. Join me on this journey to create the life we want while saving for the future.  

I have been very blessed to live in the most beautiful place in the U.S. and to have a job that I love. I was raised to be smart about money. My Dad always said, “Pay yourself first”, but I admit I didn’t really listen until I started thinking about retirement. I want to retire while I’m still young enough to travel and enjoy my free time. But early retirement means I need a savings plan – like NOW!

This blog is about all things creative and thrifty.  We will talk about how to decorate your home on a thrift store budget, how to preserve our resources for another day and how to create and manage a budget that works.  I welcome your input and suggestions on my site – this is for you as much as for me!

I have worked very hard to turn my house into a home so I know that it can be done on a very tight budget!  I’ll show you what I’ve bought at thrift stores, dollar stores and yard sales and transformed into beautiful home decor.  We’ll learn how to save money on food and preserve and store it for the future.  We’ll look at how to budget and save money on everyday items.  If you love beautiful things but also love saving money for the future – this is the site for you!

So, join me on my journey and let’s Create and Save — together!

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